BMS Consulting Company

BMS Consulting is engaged in the development and implementation of complex projects of creating integrated information systems.

BMS Consulting offers the following services:
System integration
BMS Consulting performs the entire range of system integration services including consulting, development of solutions, training, IT solution management, and also introduction, setup, and integration of complex IT systems for different industries, banks, telecommunication companies, industrial enterprises, insurance companies, and government institutions.

Information system audit
BMS Consulting performs information system audit for the purpose of examination of the state of information technologies in the organization to determine the level of automation of main business processes, assess risks and their impact on the business in the event of occurrence of such incidents, and also to determine deviations in the methodology of IT service development and management from the requirements and recommendations of international standards.

BMS Consulting is engaged in the development of measures necessary to improve performance of information systems and to optimize company’s information infrastructure.

Information system outsourcing
BMS Consulting offers a complex of services related to the outsourcing of Information System servicing. Flexible service schemes allow to satisfy the needs of both large corporations and small and medium organizations.

BMS Consulting offers information system outsourcing to clients located throughout Ukraine. To perform this task, more than 100 trained specialists are engaged in all regions of Ukraine.

Process of introduction of information system consists of three main phases:
Research. BMS Consulting performs research of business processes occurring in the company where information system will be introduced.
System setup. BMS Consulting specialists will setup or adjust the required functionality of information system.
Launch of the system. Beginning of the actual use of the system, which includes personnel training processes.

Technical support
BMS Consulting has created a technical support center, thanks to which our company’s clients have access to the experience of our specialists, BMS Consulting knowledge base and knowledge base of manufacturers with which our company has agreement on technical support.

BMS Consulting offers warranty servicing of all projects through the network of BMS Service regional service outlets, which ensures quality service.

IT Training
During implementation of corporate projects BMS Consulting performs the complete range of works on introduction of software products including training of client’s personnel. To that end, BMS Consulting has created a separate division and developed appropriate normative legal basis to conduct the training.