Winner Distribution, Ltd

  • Address:
    48, Dehtyarivska St., #410, c. Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 461-78-71, 492-93-04, 537-03-80
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Winner Distribution is a part of WD-Trading Group was created in 1998 as a pure distribution company. It is one of the largest distributor of software and hardware for digital printing, graphic design and photo business. Today Winner Distribution represents products of world-known brands: Adobe, Calcomp, Canon, Fuji, Gitzo, Graphisoft , In Win, NEC, Pretec, Quark, Ricoh, Wacom, Xante, Varta, Poldom, Lotmar, Canpol, Keywood.
The main activities of Winner Distribution are promotion, marketing and technical support of the distributed products. Dealers network consists of more than 380 companies all around Ukraine.