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    18, Kurenivska str., c. Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 485-06-80, 485-06-83
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Director - Igor Velychko

Leader of the Ukrainian market of progressive technologies and decisions for oil industry.

Founded at 1999.

LIGIR ETBS successfully will realize projects in area of refueling yachts and other small-sized fleet with petrol and diesel oil.
A general amount of employees is 180 persons.
Presents in Ukraine 22 leading companies in industry from around the world
Annual turnover above $ 10 millions.

Company "Ligir-ITBS" is the leader of complex solutions for pump stations, LPG, CNGS and other roadside and public sites.
- Turnkey solutions for petrol filling stations, LPG, CNG and fuel storage depots using modern technologies;
- Technological equipment for filling stations, LPG, CNG and fuel storage depots;
- Building of Non-self-propelled coast tanker for fueling of river and sea fleet, with the use of the most modern technologies;
- Building of pontoons, piers, beachs on water, etc.;
- Sale of sertified LPG cylinders and toroidal containers for propane-butane Bormech TM;
- Around clock service;
- High-qualifiedinstallation, starting-up and adjustment within the shortest terms

Full range of equipment and service for filling stations of world-wide producers.

Ukraine, 08130, Kyiv Region,
Petropavlivska Borschagivka,
10 Ozerna str.
тел.: + 380 44 409 2727
факс: + 380 44 409 2733, e-mail:

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