Biologist, Group of Companies

  • Address:
    9, Domobudivna str., c. Kherson, 73011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(095) 277-11-72, 277-11-73, (099) 150-50-03
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The group of companies 'Biolog' is the biggest manufacturer of hard roofing materials of polymer composition. The enterprise is enrolled for the state list of building materials manufacturers of Ukraine.

The roofing materials manufactured by the group of companies 'Biolog' are widely known on the building materials market under the commercial description of 'Bioline'.

Production :
- 'Bioline' roofing material;
- polyethylene film of different kinds and purpose: thermocontractable, hothouse, lightstabilized, black and the film with special agents: 'Antidew'(with anticondensate effect) and thermal film 'Biolight' (with heightened hothouse effect);
- polyethylene pipes;
- household polyethylene barrels with 50 liters capacity;
- polyethylene churns with 40 liters capacity;
- polyethylene reusable cases (bottle and vegetable);
- polyethylene bags (bush).