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    103 Kirova Av, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49054, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 790-10-65, (0562) 36-06-06
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Director - Vadym Nikitin

Our activity is mostly centered on manufacturing toiletry products and household chemical goods. The mission of our company lies in complete and timely satisfaction of the needs of our customers.

The attractive packaging and marking, fragrance, color, consistency, application purposes, therapeutic properties, comfortable and easy use, as well as the price/quality ratio, ensure the stable demand for our products.

We use original formulas, developed as a result of mutual cooperation of French, Israeli and Ukrainian experts. As compared with our competitors, the products we manufacture are rich with natural vegetable extracts, vitamins, minerals, active biological agents and moistening components.

Our products also feature pure ingredients, supplied by COGNIS and UNGER, the leading world manufacturers of chemical goods, which guarantee absolute dermatological safety. ARMONY JV produce meets all modern requirements; it is totally safe and does not provoke allergic reactions