Everkon, Zavod, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    154-B, "Aviator" estate, c. Chuhuyiv, Kharkiv reg., 63501, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 751-19-27, (05746) 4-16-37, 4-18-01, (097) 757-04-44
  • Web-site:
Zavod "Everkon" specializes in engineering and manufacturing of the machines and equipment for service metal centers as well as tailor-made machinery:
- Roll-forming lines for corrugated sheets
- Roll-forming lines for metal profiles for sandwich-panels
- Production lines for facade panels
- Poll-forming lines for window framing profile
- Roll-forming lines for drywall framing profiles
- Slitting and cut-to-length lines