Granit Corporation

Director - Viktor M. Vydrenko

n 1991 has been established building commercial firm "Granit". During 18 years, due to assiduous work and belief in success, company management has created the powerful structure which has transformed in corporation "Granit".

For today the Corporation become one of the leading companies in construction industry of Ukraine and acquire a reputation of the reliable partner, having won respect of investors and building owners. An eighteen-year experience in construction and HR policy pursued by the company have allowed to create collective of the professionals, capable to implement the most difficult projects. Rallied колектив, consisting of more than 600 highly skilled professionalists, fulfills a full cycle of industrial and civil construction, starting with land parcel allocatio, formation of the documentation, the organisation and execution of construction processes, and finishing management and sale of the residential and commercial real estate.

Besides, company has powerful manufacture of windows, doors, metalworks and decorative iron-wares. The considerable quantity of dwelling houses, commercial and social constructions,its refined architecture and high quality of perfomed works, all it allows corporation "Granite" look ahead with confidence and be proud to repeat «Ukraine is building with us».

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