Ankor Dnepr Company

  • Address:
    115, Gagarina ave., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49050, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0562) 39-25-10
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"Ankor" is a leading supplier of equipment and expendable materials for postpoligraphic processes - lamination, binding, and others to the Ukrainian market. Thanks to its purposeful efforts, efficient distribution management and constant development of service standards, the company has provided a sustainable growth of sales in all regions, not only in terms of numbers but also in range of goods.

During ten years of work at the market "Ankor" Ltd. increased the range of supplied goods and thereby provided complex supplies of the whole spectrum of postpoligraphic products and expendable materials. The main spheres of activity of the "Ankor" company.
- Supply, sale and service of postpoligraphic equipment (laminators of all types, film, binding equipment, expendable materials, cutting equipment, etc.)
- Supply, sale and service of the office and presentation equipment (office laminators, cutting equipment, binding machines, shredders, expendable materials, etc.)
- Supply, sale and service of equipment for producing of advertising and souvenir products according to the "GRAWERTON" technology (transfer of a photo to metal, plastic, ceramics, cloth etc.)
- Providing with a service facilities, warranty and post-warranty service of the whole spectrum of the postpoli-graphic equipment.
The exclusive supplier in territory of Ukraine:
- laminators and laminating films from GMP Korea
- laminators and binding machine from Peach Korea
- the binding equipment for manufacture of calendars
- the industrial equipment for laminations
- creasing-perforating machine CYCLOS Czech Repablic
- the cutting equipment from MIRA Taiwan, KOBRA Italy.
- shredders documents from MIRA Taiwan, KOBRA Italy.
The exclusive supplier laminating film marks HIROTAC Japan.
The manufacturer of a metal spring (eurospiral)