Masterbatch System, Limited Liability Company

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    51, Chernigivska str., c. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 500-31-74, 586-56-87, (050) 974-78-57, (062) 207-35-15
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Director - Vitaliy V. Petrov

Dukachevskiy zavod "Masterbatch system" proposes full spectrum of high-quality super concentrates.
Plant is situated on the territory of Donetsk region in Dokuchaevsk town ( Ukraine ). Enterprise production is made by modern English and American companies equipment: BRIDG & Co. LTD и GALA Industries INC by the technologies and under the control of firm qulaity "TOSAF" (Israel) - one of the World leaders on the dyes manufacture, compounds and adds for polymers.

According to client's wish we can make any colour of dye!