EDAPS Consortium

  • Address:
    64, Lenina str., c. Kyiv, 02088, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 561-25-89, 561-25-90
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The EDAPS Consortium - a system integrator for high quality identity documents, securities, and security documents The EDAPS consortium is a Ukrainian company that is a participant in the high security identity and information technology market. The companies of the EDAPS consortium have all necessary authorizations and licenses to produce blanks for securities, security documents, perform all related work.

The companies also have clearance to work with confidential government information.The EDAPS consortium has the capacity to act as a system integrator for automated information management systems in all aspects of government and private sector production work. EDAPS provides these solutions on a turn-key basis:
- Production of blanks and personalization of plastic documents;
- Production of printed material providing an opportunity for the inclusion of additional security features in security documents;
- The production of and personalization of plastic cards;
- Design of, procurement, and installation of data base systems, providing systems distraction functions. The experience of the EDAPS consortium includes numerous large information technology projects for commercial, government and financial institutions.