Ozone, Сompany

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    P.O. Box 3551, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49057, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 371-26-20, 374-14-01
TM "Ozone" presents leading Turkish producers collections of linen which are renewed three times a year.
The raw-the linen is made from - is ecologically clean. The wares passed a duration test and resistance to the cleaners and sun beams.
Series of the seamless linen is a novelty in producing technology. It is produced from the microfibrille on the seamless technology. Owing to this the linen ideally covers a body. It is pleasant in sense of touch, is pervious to the air, that cause pleasure either for every day use and for sports. There are vests, t-shirts, bodies slips, strings and boxers of different colors in assortment.
The corselet linen of TM "Ozone" demonstrates modern tendency in the fashion. Awide color-range used -from neutral beige to intensive bright tints.
TM "Ozone" also presents collection of cotton underware.
There are vests, slips, strings and boxers of different colors in this assortment. It's modern and convenient linen to differenttastes. The production for children is presented, for men and ladies as well.
Cotton is a clean natural product, which is good in wearing.
Trade Mark "Ozone" takes care of your health and image!

Representative: Taradina PE
44, Zelena St.
Lviv, 79035, Ukraine
Phone: +380 32 2444702
Mob.phone.: +380 50 1703999
e-mail: m_ozone@ukr.net