Dnipropetrovsk Branch, NDIproektrekonstruktsiya, State Scientific-Research and Design-Surveying Institute

  • Address:
    7, Shyrshova str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49030, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 744-20-46, (0562) 38-31-60
Main directions of activity:
- performing of researches and development of scientific-research, normative, methodical documents on construction, reconstruction, major repair and operation of objects of public utilities and civil purpose; development of legislative and normative acts on reformation of housing policy and public utilities;
- performing of engineering-geological and engineer-geodesic surveying for reconstruction and building of different objects, including in complex conditions (on non proof soils, seismic districts, changing areas, flooding territories and others);
- inspection and diagnostics of the technical state of buildings, structures and separate supporting elements; development of complex projects of building, reconstruction, renewal, shoring and major repair of houses and different buildings;
- scientific-methodical support of researches, realization of project and technical developments;
- development of new and improvement of existent capacity-planning and structural decisions, and also energy efficiency technologies at building, reconstruction of houses and buildings;
- development of projects of equipping modern with amenities, external networks of power-supply, water-supply, sewage and heat-supply for separated houses and buildings, housing districts, microregions, districts, including districts of individual building;
- co-ordination of performed scientific-research and project-searching works on problems of reconstruction, major repair and operation of public utilities and civil objects by different organizations pursuant to the tasks of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Public Utilities of Ukraine;
- study, analysis and generalization of information about world, national experience in the field of reconstruction and major repair and distribution among scientific and project organizations of Ukraine;
- passport system of objects; energy auditing of different objects;
- expert and cost appraisal of the real estate, land plots;
- conducting of conferences, seminars, symposiums and exhibitions by main directions of activity of the Institute, including as base organization.