AllesPrint, Company

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    36, Lenina ave., c. Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 752-22-70, 752-22-72
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AllesPrint Company represents, first of all, the interests of silk screen manufacturers. That is what we declare to our foreign partners and suppliers. Our company offers in its pricelist the goods of different manufacturers, divided in 3 price segments. These 3 streams are reflected in the logo of “AllesPrint”.

We studied very well the market of our country and the mentality of workers in the sphere of screen printing. If today a customer can’t find what he is looking for in our pricelist, he will continue his search in other offices. Every good has its own buyer. We offer different firms-manufacturers in our pricelist. They are not chief competitors for our sale department, because we divided them on price segments and kinds of printing surface. Beginner-printer or professional, small manufacture or big enterprise – they always can satisfy their manufacturing needs in our company, orienting on their financial opportunities, technical preferences and requirements to the quality of manufactured products.

We react on the wishes and remarks of our clients on-the-fly. If you are interested in selling your goods in the territory of Ukraine, our company are ready to consider your offers about mutually beneficial cooperation.