B-Project, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    1, Nezalezhnosti pl., c. Odesa, 65000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 777-69-62, (0482) 35-70-78
Director - Victor N. Kundelsky

B-Project Company was found in 2002, its basic sphere of activity was printing material sale. In 2006 the company has developed flexographic label printing along with its basic kind of activity. The company works on its own production basis. Flexographic printing to 6 colors is executed on company's equipment by ultraviolet baking paints and ultraviolet lacquer. It has 6 printing sections. UV sections with die cutting and lamination ability for one feed line. Machine productivity is 5m.- 50mmin.Top width of blade passing through printing and cutting is 320mm.

Our abilities:
- roll self-adhesive label manufacturing with the abilities: 6 colored UV-printing, UV-lacquering, Local UV-lacquering is used for dating at the scene.
- Lamination
- Protective elements embossing
- perforation
- Cutting of any complexity

Used materials:
- Self-adhesive paper (semigloss paper by Fasson);
- Self-adhesive polyethilene and polypropilene by Fasson;
- Any kind of enamel-paper and label paper.

Our designers will developvfor YOU:
- Logotype, trade mark
- design model of any complexity according to Your wiushes and our production technological properties.

Products can be delivered to customer's stock by our company transport.