Andriivske Translation agency

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    6 a, Bratyslavska str., c. Kyiv, 02156, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 228-49-97, 513-02-17
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This website contains detailed information on Andriivske Translation Agency, its services, specialization, rates, policies, quality standards, challenges, plans and success as well as a great deal of reference information and publications in various fields: translation, law, international cooperation, foreign economic activities, linguistics, regional geography, etc.
Andriivske is special and this is due to its specialization in legal translation. To be a legal translator one must excel not only in linguistics. The one must be an expert in legalese and law both of the source language and target language countries as well as have strong expertise deep in many business markets and sciences. All legal translators at Andriivske are qualified linguists with significant experience in legal matters. We believe that only such experts can produce a quality legal translation and that’s why our translators are all suitably qualified.