Arlite Company

  • Address:
    4, Petrovskogo str., c. Donetsk, 83037, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 388-80-37, 388-80-49
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Company Limited «Arlite» was founded in 1994. It is situated in Kyrovskii area in Donetsk. Our activity is aimed at the development of fuel and energy complex of Donbas. We provide a delivery service of rubber-fabric and rubber-rope conveyor belts as well as of belts on basis of Russian and European PVC. We had assessed our capabilities, gained experience and the perspectives of mining and smelting complex of Ukraine. After that we made a plan and started the project of building the RTP (rubber technical products) plant. We have been manufacturing our goods since 2007. The main activity of enterprise is conveyor belts production.