Trade-Pak Company

  • Address:
    6, Molodohvardiyska str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49022, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 790-50-65, 790-50-81, 790-50-82, (0562) 38-34-03
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The Ukrainian company Trade-Pak manufactures disposable clear packages of polystyrene and polypropylene for confectionary (cakes, biscuits, rolls, cookies, etc.), ice-creams, various half-prepared dishes, salads, snacks, sandwiches, vegetables, etc.), dairy and ice-cream cups manufacturing and colorful offset printing. More than 150 various models of all sizes and designs presented in the local and foreign markets meet requirements and most delicate taste. UkrPakLine packages are light, strong and easy for stacking and transportation. ( ). Also UkrPakLine Ltd. manufactures polystyrene and polypropylene sheets. Containers of any volume and shape can be designed, on individual demands. We are looking forward to cooperation with new partners for long time.