Chernivtsi Millitary Forestry

  • Address:
    17, Chkalova St., c. Chernivtsy, 58018, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03722) 4-32-26
Chief - Vasyl I. Prykazka

Main directions of activity: complex of works on forest planting, timber cutting and woodworking, sale of own products.
Chernivtsi Millitary Forestry was founded in 1946. The wood districts of the forestry with the general area of 7471 ha are located in Storozhynets and Glyboka districts of Chernivtsi Region and in the south part of Khmelnytsky Region. The forestry comprises three forest districts, hunt, timber cutting section, woodworking shop and garage. Except for forest districts ensuring forest management and are base subsections of the forestry, there are also two industrial log depots and working shops. The forestry is high-intensive economy. The cleaning cutting covers 65 ha per 1 000 ha of planting. There are unique natural boundaries in the forestry, where one can meet representatives of flora and fauna brought to the Red Book of Ukraine.
The wood districts of the forestry are located in the zone of Carpathians sublitity and enter the zone beech flat forests and directly border upon the belt of the mountain forests of the Carpathians. This closeness to the mountain forests causes important nature protection value of woods of the forestry. The trailing of wood is provided by wheeled tractors and horses.
The forests have silver firs, fir-trees, oaks and about 80% of wood district is covered by beech. Basic method of forest regeneration is natural.
The same hunt where 11 deer, 63 wild boars, 320 roe deer, 700 hare and many other animals and birds live has been operating since 1997. The badgers, otter, cat forest, stork black and white heron are under special guard. The hunting services care of permanent improvement of their living conditions.
Main directions of activity of Chernivtsi Millitary Forestry are complex of works on forest planting and also timber cutting, woodworking and sale of own products.
Three objects of the natural protected fund are created in the forestry: for saving of population of black storks – ornithological reserve of local value «Black stork» with the area of 17,4 ha; botanical sight of nature of local value «Yew area» with the area of 0,2 ha, where they guard planting of yew with the age of 400-500; forest preserve «Standard beech planting» with the area of 40 ha, where high growth class beech is guarded.