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Biological Station, Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    2, Naberezhna Kornilova, c. Sevastopol, 99011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0692) 93-07-30
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Director - Valentyna V. Gnura

The dolphinarium of Private Enterprise Biological Station created in 1997 in the central part of the city Artillery Bay has been attracting not only residents of glorious city of Sevastopol, especially youth population but also tourists-holiday-makers long ago.
Due to the high level of conducting scientific-education programs the Sevastopol dolphinarium became the visiting-card of Sevastopol.
All is done for the safe and comfort keeping of marine animals here. Their conditions of keeping meet all world standards.
Main feature in everyday activity of employees of the dolphinarium is preparation and show of interesting and cognitive presentations with participation of marine animals. All employees of the dolphinarium responsibly and tirelessly, with gladness and inspiredly professionally perform their duties every day. And most likable and talented artists are bottle-nosed dolphins and north sea bears gladly granting gladness and pleasure to the spectators.
The enterprise is self-supporting and part of funds got from presentations is spent on conducting scientific researches directed in saving of populations of black sea dolphins put to the International Red Book.
For significant educational and ecological activity on saving genefond of marine mammals Private Enterprise Biological Station got national and international recognition. Activity of Private Enterprise Biological Station is marked by International Prize of Henry Ford, Diploma Regional Leader in the National Business Rating among botanical gardens and zoos of Ukraine and Honoured Certificate of the European Research Center Euromarket-2005. In 2007, Private Enterprise Biological Station got International Reward Glory laurels.
The unforgettable meetings with residents of see depths noble, clever and graceful black sea bottle-nosed dolphins and also with kind and funny north sea bears are always surprising and interesting; these presentations do not leave indifferent. The interesting and various author programs with participation of black sea dolphins and north sea bears is unique possibility to know more new about strange and unusual world of marine animals, to speak with them after presentation, to estimate their artistic capabilities and to get incomparable gladness and pleasure.