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Machaon-Ukraine, PE

General Director - Oleg G. Pogrebny

Private Enterprise Machaon-Ukraine that became the leader in the field of publishing business for young citizens of Ukraine has been created ten years ago.
The publishing house produces licensed books. There are bright, illustrated and informative encyclopaedias in Ukrainian version of the most authoritative publishing houses of the world over the bookstore counters. The enterprise made agreement with such giants of publishing business as Kingfisher, Gallimard, Fleurus, Mles Kelly and others on printing their encyclopaedias-best sellers.
The publishing house is proud of the books of such series as Great illustrated encyclopaedia: pupil; history; geography; animals; living nature; arts history; archaeological openings; Culture and traditions: Ancient mythology; World religions; Old Covenant; New Covenant; Children's encyclopaedia; Your first encyclopaedia.
The developing literature, ABC, account books, copy-books, intellectual suitcases, books-theatres and dictionaries are very popular.
The enterprise has jointly developed several publishing projects with the embassies of France and Norway in Ukraine and fruitfully cooperates with Institute of Ukraine Study.
Almost 2000 names of books have been already published.