Rakhiv Research Forestry, State Enterprise

  • Address:
    3, Bogdan Khmelnytsky St., c. Rakhiv, Zakarpattya reg., 90600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03132) 2-17-25
  • Web-site:
Main directions of activity:
- conducting of measures on forest regeneration and increasing of their productivity;
- organization of wood seeding business and forest seed-plots;
- saving and strengthening of protective properties of forests, improvement of their state;
- guard of forests from fires and protecting from illnesses and wreckers;
- accounting of forest using;
- production of wares and commodities of public consumption;
- conducting of timber cutting and woodworking;
- hunting and control for hunt rule observance;
- realization of foreign economic activity;
- cooperation with international and foreign organizations.