Geront, Limited Liability Company

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    45/1, Dunaeva str., c. Mykolayiv, 54017, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 47-81-39
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Director - Chikhladze A. Andrey

We propose by your service advertising construction type "Billboard" (6 x 3m), and "Baclight" (3 x 4m), situated on the "busy" streets and avenues by city. Advertising construction city-size type "Lightboks" (1.2 x 1.8m) double-sided performance, with indoor highlight, situated on the supports light city "Ingulslogo" (18p.) and "Varvarovskgo" (16p.) bridges. Both bridges connect some densely populated district of city with center. Besides "Ingulskiy" bridge is part of line Simferopol - Kyev, but across "Varvarovskiy" bridge run line from Odessa in Crimea and East Ukraine (there is no detour road), as consequence - by this bridge everyday driving very many transports.