Thermal Star Sanatorium

Ranked among the most beautiful spa hotels in Transcarpathia, “Thermal Star” is a unique resort located in the picturesque valley of Carpathian Mountains, on the lakeside. Everything has been done here for the guests’ comfort and health improvement: a high standard of accommodation, spa treatments, exquisite cuisine and wide range of additional services.

The resort balneotherapy treatment complex offers a large number of spa, wellness and beauty procedures, overseen by the resident spa physicians.
In addition to the classic balneotherapy treatment, supplemented with drinks from the healing mineral springs, a number of diagnostic tests are offered, which intensify the effects of individually designed preventive or healing programs.

The wellness procedures include a wide variety of exotic massages, beautifying masks and poultices as well as various additive, massaging and bubble baths.
The excellent long term results from spa therapy achieved by “Thermal Star” are mainly brought by the highly qualified personnel, professional approach and active interest in the new topics of balneology.
Being in Thermal Star Spa resort you can optimally combine treatment and recreation, as well as recover your power and feel harmony of soul and body.