Anticor group, Limited Liability Company

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    24, Liskovska str., c. Kyiv, 02097, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 229-66-46
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Director - Alexandr A. Yermak

We are the official representatives by the following trade marks in Ukraine:GRACO (spray equipment), MUNKEBO(sandblast chamber bundling), CLEMCO (sand-and shotcasting equipment and accessories), OMSG (shotblast cleaning systems and lines), NORCLEAN (industrial vacuum cleaners), BLASTRAC and TRIMMER (floor treatment equipment), ELCOMETER and DE FELSKO (covering inspection equipment), URACA ( extreme pressure hydrofining ) etc., which is confirmed by appropriate documents and sertificates.
There You can find and get to know in detail (to see all specification and VIDEO) the biggest selection of various equipment and accessories for analysis (wide choice of equipment), preparation and refining (from sand- and shortcasting mobile cleaning systems to stationary lines, cameras, shotblasters), colouring (airless painting, combination dispersion method, HVLP, with each method advantages description), quality control (total set spectrum) of any kind of surfaces. We also offer a great variety of maintenance shop equipment, any liquid swap and transportation pumps, industrial vacuum cleaners, ventilation, individual security equipment, sanitary engineering equipment, compressors etc.

We have individual approach reasoning from customer needs. If there is any need for any problem or question solving, but You can't sort out the equipment on your own, our sale department will easily solve Your ANY problem, call us and we'll help You. Our well-qualified engineering department is always ready to help You in tooling, launching and direct maintenance of all our equipment, with the ability of our specialists departure to every spot on Ukraine in the shortest terms.The most necessary spare parts are constantly available in stock in Kyiv and Odessa.