Luganskiy Electrical Machine Building Plant

  • Address:
    c. Lugansk, 91029, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 33-05-57, 34-55-93, 59-06-35, 59-96-87
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Luganskiy Electrical Machine Building Plant the enterprise of machine-building profile, which accomplishes tasks in mastery and product output for the enterprises of fuel-energy, ore-dressing and metallurgical complex and railroads.

At present enterprise it has available solid production base, scientific and technical potential and large practical experience, contains monitoring and measuring laboratories for guaranteeing the high quality of output.
To May 2006 completes the certification of enterprise for the system of the world standards ISO of 9001. Production enterprise is supplied the countries OF THE CIS and also into the countries of Europe and Asia.

Basic directions of the work of enterprise - carrying out of equipment for the enrichment of coal, ores, mining and chemical raw material and other nonmetalliferous materials, dehydration, magnetic separation, processing of second raw material, cleaning of the dust-laden gases and the effluents, spare parts for rail transport.

The equipment, produced at the enterprise, successfully is exploited on many enterprises and organizations of the Ukraine and abroad. The specialists of plant render aid with the installation, the setting up and initial operation works and the instruction of the service personnel.

The professionals of the design bureau of plant accomplish development of equipment under the concrete customer taking into account of technical tasks and specific character of the work of your enterprise.