DATOS LTD, Scientific Production Enterprise, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    off. 615, 2/10, Mel'nykova str., c. Kyiv, 04136, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 332-76-65
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Director - Yu. L. Bogatyrev

Scientific/Manufacturing Limited Liability Company «DATOS LTD» was established in September 1993 by systems engineers.

Basic directions activity of company: collection and treatment of information; control system of complex objects; rotor and high-voltage power equipment diagnostics.

All developments, hardware and software production are executed in compliance with international standards – ANSI/ISO/DIN. Supplying of equipment and its supplying on the Customers objects are realized by specialists of company.

So far company «DATOS LTD» works in area of diagnostics of rotor, high-voltage equipment and determination of remaining resource of different constructions and objects. Our developments are performed in common with the firms of RPF "ROS", PPF "VIBROCENTER" Russia.

Our company is specialized on implementation of works in area of science intensive technologies.

In 1997 were signed agreements and contracts with "GlobalTest" Ltd, "ViKont" Ltd Russia, Kontron Embedded Computers Germany, Engineering Center ”NAVITEL”, "PROMSAT" Ltd Ukraine.