INAP i K Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    20 b, Gnata Khotkevycha st., c. Kyiv, 02660, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 559-59-18, 573-36-18
  • Web-site:   
General Director - Anatoliy Petrovskiy

Multifunctional build enterprise "INAP i K" was found in 1994. It is the company with great experience in building and repair works of house, administrative and industry constructions. New technologies used under building and reconstruction of all kinds of underground transportation links.
Fully qualified staff, high level of material and technical resources, powerful construction equipment and motor transport enables to accomplish works in time.

The company proposes buildings and installation works:
-building and reconstruction of the engineerings networks
-equipping with modern amenities and planting of greenery
-building of gas pipelines
-buildings construction etc.
-installation and repair of pipelines
The company provides leasing of build transport and special fittings. There is also equipment enabled to clear rivers, lakes, channels etc.
We work in Kyiv and all over the country.

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