Park-Hotel is situated in a historical centre of Dnepropetrovsk, in a park area near the architectural monuments, museums, exhibiting halls.

The building erected in 1830 functioned as a private weaving mill on the territory of Carl Neyman’s farm land.

In accordance with architectural and artistic magnitude, historical value the building was qualified as a precious historical one offering its preservation and restoration of the main front.

During the summer 2003 there was made a reconstruction including the renewal of an original form of the building and organic insertion of a “background” building up with maximum glass cover which creates a composition unity and an architectural expressiveness.

The hotel is constructed in a unique style of a boutique-hotel with refined interior using exclusive elements of a decor and author’s floristic compositions. The walls are covered with a Venetian plaster. The interior includes using of rare marble type, mosaic and a mosaic picture of an Italian Company “Bizazza”.

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