Aleksandria founding company, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    8, Poligrafistiv pr., c. Olexandriya, Kirovohrad reg., 28006, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05235) 7-64-37, 7-71-55
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Director - Andrey V. Logvin

Aleksandria founding company, ltd. has been in ukrainian market since 2002, yet it succeeded to win the leading positions and continue its rapid development.

Main scopes of activity:
- founding of detais and spares from steel, cast iron, aluminium.
- details sheet laser cutting of any complexity and form additional mechanical treatment costs free
- irregular shape profile rigid riffling wall and bolt unit manufacturing
- farming machines utility and spares manufacturing; - mechanoerecting works
- industrial fan, reduction gear and reduction gearmotor manufacturing
- consumer goods manufacturing

There are three sections in the plant: foundry, laser cuttingand bending section, mechanoerecting section. Consisting of these sections, the company is secluded flow from foundry and metal mechanical treatment to finished product bundling.

We produce and sell: industrial fans (data centers, lacertus reproductive technologies, smoke suckers and blow fans), trade and store equipment (scaffolding), various kinds of hardware, vibromachines for breeze blocks, cultivated oil furnace (small stoves). Hardware on demand.