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    8, Soborny ave. , c. Zaporizhzhya, 69063, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 286-04-49, 286-05-34
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Director - Alexander Prochan

Our company is specialized in design and manufacturing of various products that we would like to introduce you in more details in order to establish further eventual cooperation. Our website is :

There as shown below some of our products:

Dies ( deep drawing, trimming, bending, assembly etc.

Molds for plastic injection

Molds for Aluminum dies casting

Molds for rubber products production

Manufacturing of tools
- cutting tools ( special milling cutters, drills, threading tap etc.)
- auxiliary (collets, grips, threading heads etc.)
- cold upsetting ( hard alloys counter dies, core dies etc.)
- measurement (calibers, sizes, grooves, gages, passes, templates etc.)
- welding jigs (electrodes, holders etc.)

Jigs & fixtures
- special tables
- pneumatic presses
- benches presses
- welding
- painting
- bending
- measuring
- assembly
- wheel alignment devices
- glass forms
- welding clamps
- engine protection shields

Our company is also able to manufacture the large size parts by small series in mechanic presses.