Diacom Groups Ltd

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    13-B, Tampere Str., c. Kyiv, 02105, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 292-04-15, 292-04-29
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Diacom Groups is the system integrator in sphere of construction of the automated control system and schedulings of the engineering equipment of buildings and constructions, systems of automation of industrial and technological processes of the industry, systems of the emergency control of management and scheduling of the removed objects.

Basis of the company - highly skilled and skilled engineers, designers and the programmers using in the projects the best equipment - АВВ/Busch-Jaeger, Beckhoff, Bticino, Echelon, Gira, Legrand, Merten, Siemens, SVEA, Vimar, Wago, Unitronics, Moeller, BTR and high technologies: LonWorks, KNX/EIB, BACnet, M(MOD)-BUS, Industrial Ethernet, Lutron, Lexel IHC, Crestron, AMX.