Aksonova & Associates, Audit firm

  • Address:
    29 e, Vorovskogo str., c. Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 482-28-58
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Director General - Olena Makeieva

The philosophy of our company is in the combining of the longstanding experience of our employees in the fields of accounting, tax accounting and audit as well as in ability to react on-the-fly to the changes in the legal field of activity of enterprises on Ukrainian market and to meet expectations of our clients.

Our work is guided by the National and International standards of financial accounting. We strive for European service quality in Ukraine.

Our company has shown itself as a worthy competitor of the world-famous audit companies of so-called “Great Four”. It has won a number of tenders for the audit of financial activity of top-ranking companies. “Toyota Ukraine” and “Tangens Medizintechnik Management- und Beteiligungsgesellscheft mbH” have become our clients.

The quality of our services is proved by the excellent letters of recommendation from our clients – Ukrainian, German, Swiss, Swedish, Japanese companies that are represented on Ukrainian market and work in Ukraine.

Loyalty and responsibility toward our clients are the key components of our success. You can be fully confident of the fact that your firm will be faced with no problems with accounting and tax accounting as well as with unexpected penalty provisions applied by the tax bodies of Ukraine after bookkeeping and audit services of the firm “Aksonova and associates”.