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    20v, Soborny ave, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69000, Ukraine
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    +38(061) 224-42-07, 224-44-26
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Except dust and gas-cleaning equipment manufacturing , our enterprise offers the following services:

- Design, technology, research works and services in various industries;
- Ecological monitoring, coordination in gov. Services;
- Working out non-polluting, low-waste technologies of neutralisation, neutralisation and processing of an industrial, household, medical and biologic waste;
- Starting-up and adjustment works, including commissioning of the technological and thermal power equipment and units;
- Emissions volume and structure specification and providing the necessary data on designing of installations;
- Non-standard equipment working out;
- All spectrum gas—cleaning equipment manufacturing;
- Blocks gas-cleaning complete delivery;
- Gas –cleaning equipment supervising installation and installation;
- Working out of control devices, installations and gas-cleaning devices automation on the basis of computer means and other electronic techniques.