On Time Translation Agency

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    66/21 Bal'zaka str., c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 228-02-91
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We are proud to offer our clients best quality translation services in the following subject matters:
- Advertising and Tourism: Translation of brochures, catalogs, print and online ads, tour guides
- Business and Legal Documents: Translation of contracts and agreements, financial statements, articles of incorporation, minutes of shareholder meetings, market research analyses, internal company documents, memoranda, brand management, resumes, curriculum vitae, intellectual property, patents, litigation support, government regulations, trademark registration, personal and family matters
- Chemical Technology: Hazardous materials management, material safety data sheets, polymer chemistry, photographic chemistries, industrial chemical applications, cosmetics, petroleum chemistry, natural products chemistry, laboratory notebooks, instrument printouts, textile chemistry, coating and deposition technology
- Civil Engineering: Structural mechanics, water quality engineering, applied hydraulics, water pollution control engineering, river engineering, concrete engineering, soil mechanics, wastewater management
- Computer Software & Hardware: Semiconductor manufacturing, integrated circuits, supply standards, software localization, web site localization
- Education and Customer Support: Translation of transcripts, theses, dissertations, diplomas, information booklets, patient books, public notices, signage, facilities information, inserts, labels, packaging, employee manuals, product release descriptions
- Electronics: Telecommunications, analog and digital circuits, fiber optics, semiconductor device physics, quantum electronics, neural networks, optoelectronic technology, GPS, microwave technology, device testing, electrophotographic technology
- Earth Sciences: Geographic information systems, geodesy, petroleum geology, geophysics, environmental science, remote sensing
- Industrial Technology: Translation of operating manuals, equipment specifications, standard operating procedures, process validation, quality control, manufacturing machinery systems
- Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical control systems, building materials, heavy equipment, mechanical devices, elevator engineering, materials engineering, papermaking, nuclear engineering, applied physics
- Medicine: Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, medical regulatory and validation protocols, genetic engineering, product research, informed consents, patient diary forms, case report forms, adverse event reports, regulatory submissions, journal articles, medical reports
- Safety: Safety engineering, material safety data sheets, safety and operations manuals