Eurosta-Ukraine Ltd

  • Address:
    1/64, Kyryla i Mefodiya sq., c. Uzhhorod, Zakarpattya reg., 88000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(067) 656-55-34
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Our company offers help to European producers to expand on eastern markets (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Georgia and Republic of Armenia)

We support our partners at all stages of expansion, with market studies in the beginnings, through certifications up to distribution using our distribution facilities.

Acting in this sector since 1996 we have gained lot of experience. And we are ready to precisely reach targets Your Company.

Marketing services - Market study, direct marketing and searching for customers.
Advertising – Localized web presentation, web hosting, press and media advertising.
Trade fairs and conferences – organization of fare trades in mentioned countries.
Product certification – Preparation and translation of documents, support during certification process.
Business cooperation – we represent companies via our branch offices.
Organization of manufacturing expansion to target countries.