Association of Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk (AEDIF)

  • Address:
    26, Dnistrovska str., c. Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0342) 72-37-14
  • Web-site:   
Director - Victor M. Rudnytskyi

The Association is an active member of regional, national, and international NGO networks, including the National Association of Regional Development Agencies and CEE Citizen Network. Up to now the Association has successfully implemented 54 projects in regional and community economic and social development.

Special objectives:
- Strategic planning, developing and implementing plans, projects, regional and community development programs;
- Training and professional development for experts in local and regional economic development;
- Surveys and analyses of the regional and local communities development;
- Reforming local government authorities; increasing the transparency and accountability of the local government; monitoring the quality of public services; supporting and developing public web-resources;
- Developing and implementing programs and projects focused on individual industries and social development issues, including the tourism industry, culture, education, housing and utilities;
- Organizing seminars, conferences, round tables, study programs; establishing training centres; sharing experiences with other regions and countries;
- Developing and implementing programs devoted to European integration, cross-border and regional cooperation;
- Analyzing the investment climate in the region and developing investment proposals; conducting surveys and elaborating marketing plans for the development of individual communities, industries, and facilities; creating a positive image of the region (local communities);
- Surveying and monitoring the region's socio-economic development as well as that of its individual communities; improving and developing new methodologies for the monitoring and assessment of the region's development.