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    26 Elektrikov str., c. Kyiv, 04176, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 351-75-70, 451-70-51
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UMS Polyester, division of the Group of Companies UMS, is official distributor and exclusive supplier of the materials of the corporations SCOTT BADER (England), KROSGLASS (Poland), SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, Division Of Specialty Rondot, Inc (USA), ARKEMA (France), DIAB (Sweden), PHOENIX (USA), AXSON Technologies (France) and FRP SERVICES & COMPANY in Ukraine and the republic Belarus. Working on the market for polymeric materials since 2000, today company has its own production capacities for the production of polyester laminate products in Kiev and Cherkassy. In the time of its operation the personnel of the company acquired large experience and ready to render maximum assistance in the mastery of the production of goods made of the composite materials, to grant the recommendation regarding their correct and rational application, and also to render help in solving technical and technological questions.

The company UMS Polyester, proposes materials, equipment and tools for the production of goods made of the composite materials:
- polyester and epoxyvinylester resins of the company SCOTT BADER of trade mark CRYSTIC, CHROMOPLAST, FILABOND;
- gelcoats, topcoats CRYSTIC;
- catalysts and accelerators;
- release agents;
- polishing pastes;
- glass fibre materials of the company KROSGLASS (emulsion and powder glass mat, rovings and fiberglass fabric);
- different tools and the equipment of Phoenix Equipment Company: chopper, wet out and RTM systems, impregnators, accessories