Bereginya Company Zaporozhye furniture factory

  • Address:
    34, Voronezhska str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69114, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 289-11-36, 289-59-98
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Company " Bereginya " has been making upholstered furniture since 1997. In 2003 the territory of factory was increased fivefold. For the enterprise which extends, the newest equipment were bought, highly skilled experts were picked up. Nowadays company has more then 40 models in the assortment. Qualitative, reliable, ecologically pure materials are applied to their production. At manufacture’s receipt wood passes strict quality assurance, and then it is exposed to complex technological process of drying. Latest models possess the unique properties of orthopedic mattresses. Foam rubber, applied to products, is supplied from the largest factory in Ukraine with the newest European equipment. For a clients’ choice presented seven categories of fabrics and more than 1000 shades - from inexpensive up to luxury. Quality of fabrics is supervised by experts of the company. Designers skillfully combine them in products. Founders of company - amicable and strong family. They believe that the most important thing in a life is a good atmosphere at home. In their understanding the furniture should be convenient and durable in use, by pretty for an owner, create comfort and a cosiness. It was put in the company name. In an ancient Ukraine Bereginya was the goddess that preserved against troubles and misfortunes. Our ancestors believed she kept hearth and home. Bereginya’s furniture will be not just stylish and beautiful addition to your interior. We know that this furniture is capable to bring happiness in home life and in business. The furniture that was done with love and care, would be actual always and everywhere.