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Cardboard corners produced by our company are irreplaceable protective material for forming transport packing, because it helps to protect the verges of the packed production from damages during loading, transporting and warehousing.

The usage of cardboard corners gives additional inflexibility to packing that helps to save a packing form.

High durability and inflexibility of corners is provided due to application technology of the successive pressing of cardboard layers, which are saturated with the special glue.

Laminating of corners gives the high degree of moisture resistance to them. Moreover, application of hardboards and special technology allows using protective corners for many times!

In addition or instead of existent types of packing (stretch-film, RR- strapping and Ret-strapping, corrugated box, pallets, tray), cardboard corners are used in many branches mostly in packing and shipping of:
- the products on pallets;
- build materials;
- agricultural and food produce;
- rolled metal products;
- different rolled and lineal wares
- space consuming household appliances (domestic technique).