EloLed company

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    19, Krasovskogo st., c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07403, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 587-80-68, 587-89-85, (04594) 6-67-86
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The limited liability company “EloLed” is a new structure in the group of companies “ELOTEK” which during a short period of time managed to grow from the department of led systems of lighting into an independent enterprise. The group of companies “ELOTEK” was one of the first to offer the Ukrainian consumers led systems of lighting back in 2005. The main directions of activities of “EloLed” ltd. are the production and sales of led systems of lighting for architectural, landscape and interior use, illumination of ponds and fountains, and the production of external advertisement. At present, we are the most powerful producer of high-quality led lamps and the only one Ukrainian enterprise which has a complete cycle of their production which includes the creation of the design of a led system, the choice of parts and components, production, sales, project of illumination, delivery, installation and warranty service.
Only highly qualified specialists work in our company:
Designers working with 3D-max and DiaLux programs;
Electronic engineers;
Radio engineers and fitters.
The lamps are produced on our own new production line. When assembling lamps, we use the components and parts from the world’s leading producers. At the same time, the prices for our production are 20% lower than their analogues produced abroad while the quality of production is up to the world’s standards. Our production is rather flexible and can be made to order. The production capacity makes it possible to make lamps of any form, size, configuration and the color of lighting taking into account any requirements of the customer.

Realized Projects:

Starting from 2005 the specialists of our company put into action a great number of projects using the led systems of lighting. The most significant ones among them are as follows: holiday illumination of Khreshchatyk street and the front of Boryspol airport; led lighting of the National Opera Theater of Ukraine and the Kyiv bridges across the Dnieper.
Our systems of led lighting were also used for the realization of the lighting projects of the Maiden Tower of the restaurant “Bakinckiy Boulevard” in the suburbs of Kyiv, light and music fountain in Chernovtsy, nine-storied residential house in Bila Tserkov, a number of detached houses in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, a cottage settlement in the Crimea.

Our competence includes:

Architectural lighting – we offer a complete complex of services on architectural lighting of buildings and objects of architecture. We can create an original lighting design which will highlight the sophistication of the architectural composition and mark out the decoration elements and make the building “alive”.
The equipment used: E-LINE 15 STATIC, SPRUT 3 STATIC, SPRUT 6 STATIC, SPRUT 12 STATIC or the same models of RGB.

Lighting of the interior with the use of our led lamps and systems of decoration illumination will allow you to create a unique light decor of the interior of any club, restaurant, business center or house. Our technologies can make a reality any design idea.

Landscape lighting - illumination of landscapes has gone far beyond the limits of functional lighting. With the help of led lighting we can create a fabulous atmosphere in your garden or park. Illuminated paths, lit tree crowns, illuminated fences – these are just few examples of our capacities!
Equipment used: SPRUT-3 RGB, SPRUT 6 STATIC, SPRUT-3 GR STATIC (stainless steel).

Lighting of pools and fountains – the majority of our lamps have the IP68 protection which makes it possible to sink them under the water and use for lighting of pools, ponds and fountains. The lighting can be either static (constant light) or dynamic (RGB system). When using the RGB system, you can adjust the intensity, color and the speed of change of colors with the help of an electronic controller. Due to the durability of the diodes (up to 100 thousand of hours) you will save additional expense for the repair and service of lamps. Besides, diode lamps cannot overheat as incandescent lamps do and consume much less energy. For instance, our led lamp SPRUT-12 (power consumption of 18W) is a direct alternative to PAR 56 lamps (power consumption of 300W).
Equipment used: SPRUT-3 GR STATIC (латунь), SPRUT-6 RGB, SPRUT-12 RGB.

Design of exclusive lamps and illumination constructions – being a producer, we offer you a unique service – design and production of led lamps and illumination constructions according to an individual project.