Contour-Ex Ltd

  • Address:
    15, Verbova str., c. Lviv, 79058, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 231-79-17, 252-05-04
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Director - Dorosh Iryna Matviivna

The activity of our company is concentrated in the domain of producing out of Customer's raw materials knitted and textile clothes, for all age categories, bedclothes and table linens too.

The company has the experience and long lived traditions of producing, also highly qualified specialists in cutting and sewing of tradable goods in the European market.

Our monthly output of goods makes about 30 thousands units with the guaranty accomplished work in anterior determined terms and Customer's demands concerning the quality of production.

The company will perform Your order on cutting and sewing of knitted goods and other sewing and textile fabrics.

Our assortment: football shirts, T-shirts, tops, panties, shorts, trousers, shirts, blouses, jumpers, cardigans, bed and table linens, light sport wear, flags.

The cost of goods (cutting, sewing, ironing, packing) fixes in dependence of an assortment and a complication. Also is possible by-the-minute pay. There is a system of discounts in case of mass order.

A preference gives to a raw materials supplied by Customer. The company uses about 50 units of sewing equipment and over 200 m² of industrial areas, which can be increased twice. The territory of the company guards round the clock. Means of transport in the form of big delivery trucks may enter and leave free.

We are interested in creating of a new joint venture. It is possible to allocate assets for a new independent company of Customer. We will study all offers.