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    79, Pushkinskaja str., c. Kharkiv, 61024, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 752-46-77, 757-86-60
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SAS Ltd. – design and implementation of industrial control systems based on GE FANUC AUTOMATION controllers.

Besides we offer following equipment:
- Controllers, GE FANUC AUTOMATION USA, Japan.
- Electrical and telecommunication cabinets, ZPAS Poland.
- Dispatch desks (technical furniture), ZPAS Poland.
- Filterfans, thermostats, hydrostats, air-conditioners for industrial cabinets, PFANNENBERG Germany.
- Visual and audible alarm systems, PFANNENBERG Germany.
- Cable thermocables, compensating, heat resistant and others, ELTRON KABEL Poland.
- Cable support systems, cable trays, VERGOKAN Belgium.
- Resistance transducers, thermocouples, Termopribor Russia.
- Industrial valves, Pressure sensors and relays, temperature sensors, DANFOSS Denmark.
- Level sensors and signal conditioning instruments, VEGA Germany.
- Level sensors and indicators,. KSR KUEBLER Germany
- Contactless sensors (inductive, capacitive, optical), TURСK Germany.
- Vibration control instruments, SIEL Russia
- Electrical connectors, terminals, housings, WEIDMULLER Germany
- Cable entries, AGRO Switzerland.