Econom-servis Company

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    29g, Tymurovtsiv str., c. Kharkiv, 61121, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 717-12-14, 752-51-91, 754-58-08
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Company “Econom-servis” specialises on manufacture of a low-carbon steel wire, springs and supplies of alloys with high electric resistance, such as: nichrome and fechral.

As well, our directions of activities are a supply copper-nickel alloys (Monel, Manganin, German silver), thermocouple alloys (Alumel, Constantan, Copel, Chromel) and special steels.

Besides, we are suppliers of a mesh of many kinds for application in various branches of economy.

Company “Econom-servis” has rich history and has established cooperation with more than ten countries of the world. Geography of our cooperation: the USA, Germany, Czechia, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Russia and the CIS countries, China, India, Taiwan and others …

Being based on professional tactics and purposeful search of solutions for maintenance of high quality, company ” Econom-servis ” supplies products which answers new currents of the market and demands of buyers.

High qualification and strict demands allow our company to provide our clients with a high quality of product and faultless service.

At us an individual approach to each client.