Ekran UKV Company

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    25, Odintsova str., c. Chernigiv, 14030, Ukraine
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    +38(0462) 65-25-13, 65-25-31, 65-25-53
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Company Ekran UKV was founded in 2002 on basis of Lucent Technologies CheZaRa Ltd Manufacturing Operations, as a result of restructuring process of Lucent Technologies.
The factory of Lucent Technologies CheZaRa Ltd was operating from April 1998 and provided assembly of various types of telecommunication equipment for Lucent Technologies. About 95% of some products were exported worldwide (main directions were Western Europe and Russia).
Our factory was certified on ISO9001 and ISO1400 and all products are produced in accordance with Lucent Technologies quality requirements and international Electronic Industry and telecommunication standards.
Our personnel was trained at the Lucent Technologies production facilities in the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.
In April 2002 Lucent Technologies CheZaRa transferred all production facilities and personnel to DC “Ekran” JSC CheZaRa. From this moment our company started its operation as independent Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider.

Customer Design Support
Working closely together with customer design team our specialists can help to optimise product design for full-volume production. At this stage we perform Design For Assembly (DFA), Design For Manufacture (DFM), Design For Test (DFT) project analysis and provide customer all necessary support for product optimisation.

PCB Assembly
Printed Circuit Board Assembly – is the core part of our electronic manufacturing services. We provide complete manufacturing solutions for board level electronic production. Using latest industry technologies we can offer following PCB Assembly Services:
- single or double-sided automated SMT assembly performed using equipment from industry leading brands DEK, Fuji, Universal, Electrovert
- single or double-sided THT assembly performed using Progressive Assembly, Wave Soldering and manual post assembly
- mixed assembly provided by combining Reflow, Intrusive Reflow (Pin In Paste) and Dual Wave Soldering and manual post assembly.