Sealed Air Ukraine

Sealed Air is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of protective packaging and performance-based materials essential to many consumer and industrial markets. Operating in 52 countries, we combine a unique consultative sales expertise with our global network of science and innovation to demonstrate how better packaging makes the world a better place.

Sealed Air has had a long and proud history of successful growth in EMEA countries. In fact, the Company’s presence in Europe dates back to 1953 when a formal manufacturing and marketing base was set up to support Cyrovac® branded food packaging products.

Today, Sealed Air provides packaging solutions and materials from numerous manufacturing facilities and sales offices in 26 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Russia, the Middle East and Africa. The Company maintains a central R&D facility in Passirana, Italy, one of the Company’s three premier Packforum® customer collaboration and learning centers just outside of Paris, and full scale production facilities in central locations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Poland.