Bautec Company

  • Address:
    1/A Kolkhozny lane, c. Illichivsk, Odesa reg., 68002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 729-10-57
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Commertial manager - Gennady Ptashchenko

Company Bautec, realizes a wide spectrum of forklifts of the Japanese and European manufacturers, and also the attached implements to them.

The company has great аassortment of forklifts (electric, diesel and gas) carrying capacity from 1t to 40т., the secondary market which was not maintained in territory of the CIS countries. A series of forklifts of marks TOYOTA, KOMATSU, NISSAN, TCM, has proved:
- Reliability confirmed on decades of operation in extreme conditions;
- Simplicity in service;
- Unpretentiousness under repair.
Direct import deliveries, significant volumes of purchases make possible to maintain the low prices at high quality of sold technique.

Company BAUTEC Ltd carrying out direct deliveries of spare parts, having own technological base renders to the clients of service on repair and service of forklifts.