Atrium Hotel complex

  • Address:
    30 years of the Victory Prospect, 22a, c. Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya reg., 72318, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06192) 5-25-78, 5-41-31, (066) 186-93-00, (098) 244-76-64
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Hotel complex "Atrium" in Melitopol from the beginning of 2008. It is one of new, modern, convenient and inexpensive hotels in Melitopol for those who appreciates the time, takes care of health and wants to have a pleasant rest and relax. The building of hotel was projected with an allowance for modern requirements; therefore rooms of the hotel are convenient for rest and work at the same time. The successful combination of cozy, house conditions and modern interiors, the benevolent, hospitable personnel will make a travel or business trip pleasant and carefree. Conveniences in comfortable hotel rooms and safety of its visitors — were the main aims standing while building the hotel. A spacious hall, rest zones, kitchen, bar, billiard room, sauna, massage office, free protected parking —there are arguments that we try to give the maximum comfort for rest and work in hotel just to be sure that our visitors feel convenience. We hope that you will be justified choosing the Atrium hotel!