Pun Souvenir International Ltd

  • Address:
    150 a, Ak. Zabolotnogo str., c. Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 593-07-77, 593-08-88, 593-09-99
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Pun Souvenir International Ltd., being a subdivision of the International Trading House Quantex Group B.V. with the headquarters in the Netherlands, is a company excellencing in sourcing, manufacturing and selling through a major network.

The company goals based on trends of the International Trading House are the following:

Our Vision:
Creating a trading bridge between the Far East , Western and Eastern Europe through a well-established network of Customers and Suppliers.

Our Mission:
Establishing an international orientated company in promotional products by organising product lines from the Far East and Western Europe into Eastern Europe. Exploiting the sourcing experience (more than 30 years experience in the Far East and other continents) which results into large volumes against lower prices. Well-organised financial structures should be the backbone for further growth and continuation of this process.

In business there are generally two ways to make money. Low volumes combined with high margins and the opposite; lower margins with larger volumes. Exactly this last phenomenon is the basis of Pun Souvenir International Ltd. The only difference for Pun Souvenir Intl. Ltd., being a subdivision of Quantex Group B.V., is more than thirty years of Far East experience combined with the availability of well-organised and established networks within Europe. Whether this is in sales, purchasing, manufacturing or any other field of business, all areas are captured.