Coris Ukraine Company

  • Address:
    5, Dimitrova str., c. Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 494-31-31
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General Director - Sergey Nosenko

The CORIS Group is one the widest International network providing Assistance and claims handling services for third party client such as Assistance and Insurance companies.It is also one of the few networks to remain independent from large Insurance groups.

From its launch in 1987, the CORIS group experiences an exponential growth. With physical presence in more than 40 countries and counting more than 160 correspondents over the 5 continents, the service offer of the CORIS group in the Assistance and Insurance domains is wide enough to cover all the actual needs of the industry.

With its headquarter based in Paris, Rue Auber, CORIS has a structure in which CORIS International (Holding of the group) controls most of the subsidiaries abroad.

CORIS is aimed to explore new business activities in order to fit adequately the market needs. These businesses go from call center activities to Medico-social Assistance or Psychological Assistance.This innovative flexibility makes the strength of CORIS worldwide.