Konvaliya Sanatorium

  • Address:
    55, Pomiretskaya, c. Truskavets, Lviv reg., 82200, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03247) 6-70-77, (098) 244-91-94
  • Web-site:
Sanatorium “Of [konvaliya]” to be located in the outskirts Of [truskavtsa] city in the forest tract of subcarpathia, in the zone of [mineralnikh] sources on [teritorii] of the formation of mineral waters. Area occupies 4,5 hectares of the hilly ground, surrounded by the long-standing coniferous and deciduous forests, which are rich in [grybami], [yagodamy], by medicinal grasses and by Carpathian ginseng- tormentil.

Through the territory of sanatorium flows the mountain stream of pure water, which forms the cascade of the lakes, where it is possible to catch fish, to bathe and to be rolled on the catamarans,

By main therapeutic factor to [yavlyaetsya] water “naphtha”. This is the weaklyd-mineralize (0,7[g]/[l]) bicarbonate- magnesium water, which is used during the treatment of the diseases, connected with the disturbance of exchange of substances. “Naphtha” it normalizes the functions of the liver, kidneys, bowels, are derived of them microorganisms and [prodkuty] of inflammatory processes, and from the blood slags and [radionukleidy].

The dormitories of sanatorium consist of one-, two- and three-storied buildings with all conveniences in the year-round and seasonal use. The numbers of year-round use are evaluated on the category of those improved and [polulyuksov]. Nourishment is the 5- single, dietetic, custom-made menu

In the sanatorium they treat:

- the chronic diseases of the liver, bile tracts, chronic gastritis, enterocolites, pancreatitis;
- urolithic disease;
- chronic pyelonephrites and cystitis of nontubercular nature;
- table diatheses, diabetes mellitus, gout, obesity;
- the disease of the respiratory organs;
- the disease of stomachic - intestinal tract;
- and also people, the victims as a result of Chernobyl' catastrophe.

Mineral water “naphtha” enters in it [byuvet] [nepostredstvenno] from [skazhiny]. Other two bore holes ensure sanatorium with twenty-four hour drinkable and mineral waters. The complex of aqueous and [ozokeritnykh] procedures, hydro-massage, [vykhrevie] of bath, Phiz -[protseduri], [aromoterapiya], [speleokamera] and the therapeutic exercise in our sanatorium will leave in you unique [chustva] of ease and [syli].